War comes to the Midlands

Session one

Hailing from various parts of the Midlands, five people of different backgrounds and classes volunteered to defend their homeland. Driven by patriotism, the need to prove themselves to those who spurned them, to maintain their rich lifestyle, or pure self-preservation, they gathered at Tar Valon as part of the militia , an organization created by the Council to aid the overwhelmed army. The five were grouped into a party and introduced to Triari Sergeant Donahue (nicknamed Phil somehow) who, with very low expectations, gave them a task; they were to go to a village in the south-west and get more information about a forward resource dump of the Murgo army. Along the way, the party came across a despondent ragged band of deserters from a defeated contingent of the midlands army. A short but bloody skirmish ensued and the deserters were dispatched, save their leader, a noble of passing acquaintance to the cleric. The party captured the noble, then in an effort to maintain secrecy about the nobles identity, the party hooded him, stuffed him into a dress and, upon remembering that men dont usually fit into dresses without certain anatomy, plastered conjured mud boobs onto him. The village elder asked no questions, but gave the party information about the nearby cave and the Murgos known to have taken residence in it. The party decided they needed to return the deserter to the capital and took a map of the cave back with him. Along the way they were attacked by a rampaging boar, but managed to both dispatch it, and keep control of their prisoner. Upon reaching town, they reported to Donahue, who was pleased to be able to bring the deserter to justice, but displeased that they had not handled the Murgo advance party yet. He sent them back to the cave, with clearer instructions.



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